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  • ThunderShirt's 1st Annual Charity Dog Wash!

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    This Friday May 31st from 2:00-5:00 PM we will be hosting a dog wash at our national headquarters to benefit local cause, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs which is dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs living outdoors on chains.  In addition to the dog wash, attendees can enjoy local food trucks and various community partners who will be exhibiting.  We will also have a pet photographer, goodie bags and a raffle!

    Dog wash: $15. General admission is free, and donations of any amount are welcome!

    At our location:

    905 Jackie Robinson Drive Durham, NC 27701


  • Support for Shelter Pets

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    At ThunderWorks, we love all pets! We especially encourage pet ownership when it means that a shelter pet is getting rescued. Additionally, we annually donate funds and products to shelters in need across the nation.

    Looking for some reasons to add a shelter pet to your life?

    5 million animals are killed in shelters every year in the United States. Come to the rescue and be a hero by adopting. It’s more affordable, more convenient, and so rewarding. Saving a dog from the shelter won’t change the world, but it most certainly will change the world for that dog.

    Pets have a way of putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial. Caring for a companion animal can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation in all age groups!

    We know choosing a new best friend isn’t an easy decision to make, and by all means requires a lot of attention and work. When visiting a shelter you may not find your next ‘perfect match’ dog on your first visit. But don’t give up! Keep checking back online and in person until you find the one that you think could be a part of your family.

    We often work with Petfinder, and were honored to have been recognized last year with their first-ever “Petfinder Seal of Approval” for our ThunderShirt. This is a great resource for you to learn more about adopting a pet.

  • Be on Your Best Dog Behavior: 3 simple things to keep in mind when training your dog.

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    1. Make sure to get your dog’s full attention when training them. Call out their name and make sure he or she is all-ears. Once they’re waiting on your command, that’s your cue. Make sure they know you have the authority and speak strong, with a steady voice.

    2. Patience is key, for both of you. Dogs in training most certainly won’t get the trick the first time around, or the 10th time around, but they will eventually so bear with them. They won’t initially know what’s going on either, so just keep calm and have fun with it! Don’t let them get frustrated; stay happy and positive so they’ll enjoy training sessions and look forward to more.

    3. Treats, treats, treats! Everyone knows that rewarding your pup with treats give them the incentive to repeat their trick. Make sure that the treats you’re rewarding them are healthy and in small amounts so they don’t get sick. Here’s a great snack to try! Grab some whole chicken franks and cut them into small pieces and throw them in the microwave until they puff up!

  • Doggone Games: Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog!

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    Not only is Hide and Seek the perfect game to play with your kids, but dogs love it too! This is a fun way to interact with your dog as well as build the bond between dogs and humans!

    Here are a few tips to start a game of Hide and Seek with your dog!

    1. The trick to get it started is to start easy in the house. Go ahead and hide until they find you, then reward them with a small and healthy treat. Gradually start doing longer distances until they get the idea.
    2. Whistle or call for them to keep them interested in the game and to avoid distractions.
    3. Once comfortable in a house or yard setting, try playing in the park or outdoors, just make sure they don’t wander too far away!

    Not only is this a fun pastime to do with your dog, but it teaches them obedience and the importance of finding you. For example, if you’re out on a hike together and you happen to lose each other their instinct will automatically tell them to go and find you. Good dog!

  • Introducing The Revolutionary ThunderLeash!

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    That’s right! We’ve done it again and developed a revolutionary “no pull” solution for dogs!

    The ThunderLeash can be used as a standard leash, or quickly and easily converted into a “no-pull” harness when pulling becomes a problem. Simply wrap the leash around the dog’s torso, and secure using our specialty hardware design. It’s that simple! The gentle pressure on the dog’s torso when they pull will cause them to stop, making walks with your dog more enjoyable than ever! Extensively tested and reviewed by professional dog trainers, we know you’ll love our new ThunderLeash.

    Ready to try a ThunderLeash?

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