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  • Cats, sometimes they just need to RELAX!

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    Do you have a cat that gets scared or spooked easily? Sometimes it seems like the smallest of things can cause our kitties to take fright! Most commonly, this can occur when it’s time to take your cat to the vet!

    That’s where the ThunderShirt for cats can REALLY help!

    ThunderShirts for Cats is great for vet visits, car travel, grooming, general fearfulness, litter box “problems”, separation anxiety and much more! It works by, applying a gentle, constant pressure that calms cats when anxious or fearful.

    Check out this video to see what veterinarians have to say about ThunderShirt for Cats…

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  • “My dog won’t stop barking!!!!”…. It could be anxiety.

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    As one of the most reported noise complaints in neighborhoods throughout the United States, excessive barking can take a frustrating and problematic toll on dog owners. From costly fines, police warnings and dealing with irritated neighbors, to risking potential revocation of a pet, this negative behavior poses a serious threat to the overall well-being of pets nationwide. Excessive barking is more than just a nuisance; it can be a sign that a pet is unhappy, unhealthy and should be attended to immediately.

    Pinpointing the exact cause of excessive barking can be difficult to identify. Many blame poor training, hunger and boredom. But, what pet owners may not know is that barking, along with a myriad of other negative dog behaviors, is commonly rooted in anxiety and stress. By treating the anxiety and stress, a calmer dog will exhibit fewer symptoms of anxiety.

    At ThunderWorks, we know that excessive barking can result from a dog’s separation anxiety from their owner, fear of strangers and more. And, that’s exactly why it’s our mission to make products that treat and calm dogs.  By treating the anxiety, the negative behaviors that occur are reduced.

    Curious about which products might be best to treat your dog? Visit to see what would work for you!

  • Presidential Pups!

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    In honor of the upcoming presidential holiday, we thought we’d share some fun info about some of the most famous “First Dogs” that have called the White House their home!

    President Herbert Hoover and his Belgian Shepherd, King Tut!


    President Kennedy and his whole family with a brood of dogs! (Clipper, Charlie, Wolf, Shannon, and two puppies!)


    President, Ronald Regan getting some puppy love from his Bouvier des Flandres, Lucky!


    President George W. Bush and his doggie duo, Barney and Beazley!


    And, how can we not feature the current “First Dogs” President Obama’s Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny!



    Who is your favorite presidential dog? Comment below!

  • PIN with us!

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    Here at ThunderWorks, we’ve been having a blast sharing our pins with you, and repining our friend’s favorite posts too! We invite you to join us, share your favorite ThunderShirt, Pet Product, Event and more images with us!

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