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We recommend them frequently to our clients!

I am a veterinary technician and own a dog training facility in Ohio.  I have used many products over the years with varying degrees of success.  I was impressed with the ThunderLeash and its ability to help owners to control their dogs.  Particularly with elderly clients with big dogs, pulling is a huge issue and a reason that many dogs are rehomed.  I love this product!  We recommend them frequently to our clients!


Ohio United States

The Learning Dog Training and Enrichment Center

Pet Families


Keaton is an American Bull Dog and Pit Bull mix. He is 8 months old now and 70 lbs. of muscle. I am a 64 yr. old woman. Taking him for walks was impossible, he was just dragging me no matter how puppy classes we attended. I heard about ThunderLeash and had to try it. ThunderLeash is amazing - it absolutely works! He stopped pulling with a couple of corrections. We now can safely walk and be relaxed in any situation. I am going to recommend ThunderLeash to anyone who has a dog that pulls. Thank you for such an incredible product that works!


Loleta California United States


My dog was a puller; with this ThunderLeash she can't pull me (she does try). I also have the ThunderShirt. My dog used to shake when she heard thunder, bad rain, etc. It's the only shirt she stands still for me to put it on. When I go to take it off, she will sometimes not let me - I realized she wouldn't let me take it off because the dog knows when the rains are coming.


Viera Florida United States


I have a very head strong two year old Siberian Husky. It is in a Huskies nature to pull. Every time I walked her she walked me instead. I was very skeptical of the ThunderLeash, because the dogs they show on TV I thought could have been trained. I basically reached my limit and just gave in. So I placed my order and as soon as it arrived I put the ThunderLeash on my dog, and took her out, and I could not believe it no more pulling. This is the best product ever, we actually enjoy walking now. We take our time and even the site of a squirrel is no match for ThunderLeash. I recommend ThunderLeash to anyone with a pulling pet it will change your life.


Americus Georgia United States

ThunderLeash is AMAZING!

Bonnie, our 60-lb terrier mix, is smart as a whip and all muscle, so when she wanted to stop and sniff something during our morning walks it was like throwing out a 60-lb anchor -- all systems STOP! We saw your commercial for the ThunderLeash, and thought we'd give it a try. All we can say is WOW -- she's a different dog now! She walks by our side, and never pulls or "drops anchor". This is SUCH an improvement over using a choke chain and lead -- we'll never go back. Thank you for inventing such a simple, effective and humane product!


Florida United States


Trying to walk Maggie May, my 80 pound lab, was impossible. She pulled so hard I couldn't control her, making it painful for both of us to go for a leisurely walk. Purchased a ThunderLeash - it changed everything! She no longer pulls and walking is no longer painful for her or myself.

Thank you ThunderLeash!


Chickamauga Georgia United States

Fantastic Leash!

Received the ThunderLeash yesterday and tried it out. It's amazingly effective! Thank you.


Enumclaw Washington United States

Goodbye harness, hello ThunderLeash!

This the only leash I will ever buy again. I've never been able to walk my 50lb dog without the control of a harness and she would still pull me down the street. From the very first time I used the ThunderLeash, it was a complete transformation. She just gently walked along without pulling. Seven months later and it's still a success. The most important feature of the ThunderLeash is I can quickly change from using it as a regular leash to the security of a harness.
Everyone at my vet's office was amazed at how much easier it was to handle my dog using the ThunderLeash. I've even loaned it to two of my friends to try out on their dogs. They both came back amazed at the difference it made and went out and purchased their own. One of the dogs was an 110lb German Shepard a 95lb Mastiff and a smaller 30lb mix.
Thank you for developing this wonderful product. I'm always recommending it to friends and have had people come up and ask me what she is wearing. I can't say enough good things about it!


Woodstock Georgia United States

Thank you for making a leash that works!

Thank you so much for making a leash that works so simply and naturally for my dogs who love to pull. It worked the very first time and was not uncomfortable or scary for even my nervous dog. I could have walked either my 94 lb or 60 lb dog with just one finger if I had wanted. It’s nice to take them for a walk AND have circulation in my hand. ;-) I’m going to order another so both of my pullers can have their own. Thanks – Awesome product, sturdy and well worth the money!


Tennessee United States

My 110 lbs. Rottweiler stopped pulling immediately!!!

I just got my ThunderLeash in the mail and OMG! My 110 pound rottweiler that used to pull me all over the place stopped pulling immediately after putting it on. I never thought that just a leash whould stop her. I’m amazed and shocked that my dog that is the size of a horse was walking with me soo easily. A must have and my big baby actually likes it! After I took it off, she keeps walking over to it trying to play with it.


United States

Walks have become so much more enjoyable!

We already love our ThunderShirt and have noticed a huge decrease in our dog Bo's anxiety level since we began using it. Recently we purchased a ThunderLeash and walk time has become so much more enjoyable for us and our dog. Walks have become longer with so much less pulling. Even when used as a regular leash the ThunderLeash is comfortable and allows just the right amount of slack.


United States

ThunderLeash immediately solved the problem

I love my Lab Molly, but she has always been a puller on walks.  The ThunderLeash immediately solved the's a miracle!


United States

Easy to put on!

Just got ours today! It was easy to put on...Winston doesn't seem bothered by it at all!


Treasure Island Florida United States


ThunderLeash delivers immediate and lasting success

My clients are thrilled with the immediate and lasting success that they have found using the ThunderLeash!! They are so happy that they pulling has been corrected in such a positive and safe manner.


United States

Past Vice President and Board Member, Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers

ThunderLeash has been effective

I’ve been using the new ThunderLeash at our rescue ranch, as well as with my private clients, and I've had immediate results on dogs of all sizes.

Compared to other products, ThunderLeash has been by far the most effective. By naturally placing pressure on the chest, dogs that were once walking their owners, are now walking by their side.

The design is ingenious, and it’s a very well-made and sturdy leash.

Everyone I’ve introduced ThunderLeash to is excited to purchase their own.


United States

AngelDogs Training

Buy 1 ThunderLeash instead of 4 harnesses!

As a professional dog trainer, I've sold the ThunderLeashes to owners whose dogs are good walkers until they get into squirrel country or crowded areas- they can quickly 'wrap' their dog for more control.  Also, the owners of large breed puppies appreciate the ThunderLeash because they do not have the expense of buying 4-5 harnesses as their puppy rapidly grows from 20 to 100 lbs.

It is a very comfortable leash-harness to use and I think the innovative design is great!


Dallas Texas United States

KK Good Dog Training

My clients love the versatility of ThunderLeash

The ThunderLeash is a wonderful solution for many dog owners.  It’s is a regular leash that turns into a harness that inhibits pulling.  My clients love the versatility of the ThunderLeash and how it works so well.  It’s a wonderful positive training solution to a dog who pulls on the leash.  The buckles on the leash prevent it from putting too much pressure on the dog’s torso.  So it makes a very safe solution for a fun leash walk for both the dog and handler.


United States


I’ve had immediate results with ThunderLeash

I’ve been using the new ThunderLeash at our rescue ranch, as well as with my private clients, and I’ve had immediate results on dogs of all sizes.  Compared to other products, Thunderleash has been by far the most effective.  By naturally placing pressure on the chest, dogs that were once walking their owners, are now walking by their side. The design is ingenious, and it’s a very well-made and sturdy leash. Everyone I’ve introduced ThunderLeash to is excited to purchase their own.

Best Regards,


AngelDogs Training


United States